Introduction – What is it?

Hair grows in different stages. Mature and immature stages. american laser med spa amarillo—amarillo can only destroy hair in the mature stage. At any given time, only 10-20% of hair follicles are in the mature stage.

After approx. 50% of the hair is gone, the remaining hairs on the surface are sparse and the hair follicles are in different stages of hair growth cycle (immature and mature stages) so not all hair follicles are destroyed by the treatment. But when you give an interval (a waiting period), the follicles ‘sync’ with each other growing in the same stage increasing the chance of more mature hair follicles present at the same time. This means we can destroy even more hair follicles on the next treatment and get you better results!

A simple analogy is to think of a crop. By waiting a little longer, you give time for a lot of crop (hair) to grow so when you fire the laser you destroy even more hair follicles.


So as you can see waiting longer gives even better results even though it might seem counterintuitive


We typically double the treatment interval just ONE TIME.

Eg Shoulders & up – instead of next tx in 1 month we will treat in 2 months. Shoulders & below – instead of next tx in 2 months, we will treat in 4 months.

After this one interval – treatments will be done back on original interval. for There are some case by case exceptions especially with 80-85% improvement and with hair growth photos

When to implement FS

after 3rd treatment (ideally) but definitely

after 6th and/or

when 80% or more hair reduction is achieved

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