University of Pavia, Italy Endocrine-Nutritional Service

This study was conducted on 49 patients of fertile age, suffering from Iron Deficiency
Study objective:

to demonstrate that the use of Captafer is a valid alternative to oral treatment wich are commonly used in cases of iron deficiency, and wich are often poorly tolerated by patients.


After 1 month: serum iron +78%

Subjects with serum iron level <60 µg/dl

After 2 months: Serum ferritin +80%

Subjects with a ferritin level <20 ng/ml


This study was carried out on 25 patients suffering from IBD (Crohn's disease and UIcerative Colities).
Study objective:

to assess the role of captafer in cases of iron deficiency and chronic anemia, which commonly occur in patients suffering from IBD.

After 2 months

Serum Iron increased by 70%

After 2 month

Serum Ferritin increased by 70%

After 4 months

a significant increase in hemoglobin

FOLIC ACID clinical trials:

Folic acid supplements before conception and in early pregnancy (up to 12 weeks) for the prevention of birth defects

This review of five trials, involving 7391 pregnancies (2033 with a history of a pregnancy affected by a NTD and 5358 with no history of NTDs), shows the protective effect of daily folic acid supplementation in doses ranging from 0.36 mg (360 µg) to 4 mg (4000 µg) a day, with and without other vitamins and minerals, before conception and up to 12 weeks of pregnancy, for preventing the recurrence of these defects.

Folic acid, alone or in combination with vitamins and minerals, prevents NTDs, but does not have a clear effect on other birth defects.